2009 Scholarship Recipients


YuYibo Yu '10
Major: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

I grew up in Wuxi, Jiangsu until the end of my junior high school. After that I received a scholarship from the Singapore government, so I went to high school there. Currently a junior at Berkeley, I’m studying computer science and electrical engineering, with an emphasis on semiconductor devices and integrated circuits. I’m planning to go to graduate school to do more advanced research in this area.

I’m very interested in Chinese traditional art. During my leisure time, I like to write Chinese calligraphy. My friends and I even founded the first Chinese Calligraphy Club at Berkeley.

It is my great honor and privilege to perceive the Berkeley Club of Hong Kong Scholarship. It really helped my family to ease our financial burden.

Thank you very much!


ChiChang Cai '10
Major: Business Administration and History

I am a senior at UC Berkeley doubling in business and history. I came from China to the United States when I was eleven, and I eventually moved to California. Now my family lives in the Bay Area.

I was originally going to start a career in business, but after I got into Haas School of Business, I had a change of heart. I now have more interest in history, the other field that I major in. I am planning to go to a PhD program in history after I graduate from Berkeley. I enjoy doing research, and recently I got a grant to do archival research in London. It was a wonderful experience. I hope to continue it at graduate school.


GengJie Geng '11
Major: Applied Mathematics, Economics, and Statistics

Thank you all for our kind donation to the Scholarship Fund!

My name is Jie Geng, 3rd year, majoring in Math and Economics. I am from Nanjing, China. Now I am a Math/Stats tutor at the Student Learning Center and this semester I teach the Stat 134 (concepts of probability) study groups.

I plan to go for PhD program after graduation. It may be Math, Statistics, Economics or Industrial Engineering. I wish I could finally work and live in China or HK after these years of schooling and possibly work experience in the U.S.

Your kind donation further ensures my study at UC Berkeley. I will keep studying hard and try more meaningful activities during the next two years.

Thank you!


Zhengrong Xing '11
Major: Statistics and Economics

I am currently a junior at UC Berkeley, double majoring in Statistics and Economics. I was born in China, but moved to Singapore at a very young age, so I received most of my education in Singapore. Since young I have always been interested in Mathematics and logic puzzles, most likely due to the influence of my father, who is a professor in Mathematics. As such, I have always leaned more towards the Mathematical basis and theoretical foundation behind many of the economic and statistical models. If possible, I would like to further my education in a PhD program so as to put such theoretical interests and knowledge to practical use. To that end, I would like to thank the Berkeley Club of Hong Kong for their kind consideration of me for the scholarship, and in so doing further motivate me to succeed in my future endeavors.