2010 Scholarship Recipients

zhangHongyu Zhang '12 (Hometown: Hangzhou, China)
Major: Economics and Applied Mathematics

I am a junior, majoring in Economics and Applied Mathematics. As an international student, I was challenged by all kinds of cultural and academic difficulties as well as financial burdens when I first came here. Thanks to this award, it allows my family to support me with room for financial flexibility and it indeed encourages me in my studies. I am interested in Japanese history, and I wish to earn a degree in Japanese studies as well as in Economics and Mathematics. For the future, I am planning to pursue a Ph.D. in the social sciences. What I have learned at Berkeley has significantly changed my life. I sincerely hope that someday when I am teaching, I can share my story with my students and pass on my Berkeley experience to them.


YangDavid Yufan Yang '12 (Hometown: Nanjing, China)
Major: Business Adminstration and Statistics

I am currently a junior, majoring in Business Administration and Statistics. I am very passionate about using my knowledge in economics and business to help disadvantaged people, especially in relation to microfinance. The mechanism of microfinance is the most efficient and sustainable way to bring people out of poverty. I have been a volunteer for two years at the Opportunity Fund, California’s biggest microfinance firm. The more I get to know this industry, the deeper I realize that microfinance is not only providing financial opportunity, but also hope and possibilities that many would never dream about. I hope to bring what I have learned at Berkeley back to China someday. I am extremely thankful for your generosity in supporting my Berkeley education. I will treasure your kindness in my heart, and transform it into huge encouragement and motivation.


GuMing Gu '11 (Hometown: Beijing, China)
Major: Economics

Currently I am a junior, majoring in Economics. I plan to attend graduate school in economics in the future. Right now I am involved in a research project in behavioral economics, and about to start another project in urban economics. I have enjoyed my time in Berkeley very much. In the past two years, I have been on the Berkeley Ballroom Dancing Team, involved in the Business and Entertainment Association as a Vice President, and have served as an editor of the campus yearbook. I also volunteer as a counselor and a collective member at Berkeley Free Clinic, which fuels my passion for public service. It is an honor to accept the scholarship from the Berkeley Club of Hong Kong. I am really grateful that this generous gift will aid me in achieving my future goals.


WangChongyang Wang '11 (Hometown: Yantai, Shandong, China)
Major: Electrical Engineering, Computier Science, and Applied Mathematics

I transferred to the U.S. in my junior year of high school, and have been at UC Berkeley for three years. I am pursuing dual degrees in Applied Mathematics and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I enjoy hanging out with friends, playing table tennis, and playing board games like Go and Chinese chess. These past summers I worked as a teaching assistant for the computer science department and as a software engineering intern at Google. After obtaining my B.S., I plan to attend graduate school, and eventually work in the industry. I very much appreciate your support of my education in the U.S. I will put what I have learned to good use.