2015 Scholarship Recipient

Ms. Yi-Lin Jao '16
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan

“I really appreciate the scholarship, especially because this has been one of the hardest times in our family.  This scholarship is definitely a huge help for me to pursue my degree and improve my family’s situation.  Thank you very much and I hope this scholarship can continue to support students in need on campus.”

Yi-Lin graduated from Taipei First Girls High School and is in her final year at UC Berkeley. She will graduate with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science. Her studies have an emphasis on CS theory, computational biology, and astronomy. Yi-Lin is active in a multitude of activities,  including: webmaster for TASA (Taiwanese American Student Association), VP/webmaster for AWE (Association of Women in EECS), website officer for IEEE Berkeley, lab assistant for EECS lab and Astronomy lab, and physics tutor. She also had the great opportunity to participate in undergraduate research, where she currently is working on a research project developing image navigation software of Solar System observations with Professor Imke de Pater in the Astronomy department. Additionally, Yi-Lin is working with Professor Michel Marhabiz establishing an automated data analysis system for pressure ulcer censors, which has already helped clinical patients. Her academics and research experience has contributed to her aspirations to work on computational biology software or astronomy software after she graduates.