2015 Scholarship Recipients

Jingyuan Chen '15
Major: Computer Science

Jingyuan participated in the Berkeley Mobile Challenge Competition and his team won a chance to represent Cal at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  He is thankful for his Berkeley undergraduate experience and the many opportunities and resources available to help him succeed. Upon graduation, he will pursue a career as a software engineer.

“I cannot be more thankful for the support that [the] Berkeley Club of Hong Kong undergraduate scholarship offers. With your help, I will be able to chase my dreams and achieve my goals. Go Bears!”

Ruiyao Gong '15
Major: History of Art

Ruiyao is particularly interested in Chinese art history with a focus on Buddhist art and is currently writing her thesis on Dazu Rock Carvings in China. Since freshmen year, she has been a member of Spring Foundation – a student charity club that raises money to help orphans in China. She was on the Dean’s Honor List (Spring 2013) and received Honors (Fall 2013 through spring 2015). She was also selected as an undergraduate research fellow (Summer 2015). She plans on attending graduate school to continue her studies in Chinese art history after graduation.

“I really appreciate your generous help and letting me complete my studies at Cal. I have a wonderful college life at Cal…Thank you so much!”

Lei Ji '17
Major: Applied Math

Lei believes in contributing to society and making a difference in people’s lives. Whenever he returns home to Tianjin, he volunteers in a nursing home. He is also a student note-taker for a disabled student program at Cal. He has completed several internships in the financial fields and plans on pursuing a master’s degree in financial engineering upon graduation.

“I am so grateful for the Berkeley Club of Hong Kong undergraduate scholarship, which encouraged me to keep helping others and contribute to society. Not only is it an affirmation for my past work but also an inspiration for future pursuits. Thank you so much!”

Sitao Li '15
Major: Political Science

Sitao is from China and is interested in politics and law. At UC Berkeley, he majored in Political Science with a concentration in Comparative Politics.His goal is getting into law school and pursue a J.D. degree. He dedicates himself to improving the Chinese legal system because he believes a more developed and fair legal system will help more disfranchised people in China. Eventually, he hopes to become a legal scholar in a Chinese University which could allow me to influence more future law students in China and improve its legal system. He is grateful for the Berkeley Club of Hong Kong undergraduate scholarship which encouraged him to further pursue his goal and helped him to finish his undergraduate studies at Cal. Thank you so much!

Weiwei Liu '16
Major: Nutritional Science-Dietetics

Weiwei enjoys all her nutrition classes because they each focus on a different aspect of nutrition and provide a well-rounded approach to the field. She has volunteered for various organizations including Alta Bates Medical Center and Children’s Hospital Cholesterol Research Center.  She also works for Cal dining as a student lead. In summer 2015 she interned with three dietitians in the College of Natural Resources as part of the Sponsored Projects for Undergraduate Research Program (SPUR). After graduation, she plans to attend graduate school to become a registered dietician and help people live healthier lives.

“I am so thankful for this award. It helped relieve some of the financial burden on my family. This award provides a huge financial support for me so that I can concentrate more on my academic performance and volunteer experiences.”