2017-18 Scholarship Recipients

Zhan "Harris” Ding ‘17
Major: Applied Math & Economics

Zhan is an Applied Mathematics and Economics double major graduating in December, 2017. He is passionate about data analytics, having completed several internships, and would like to continue studying and working in this field in the future. Additionally, Zhang has taken economics, statistics, computer science, and math courses, which have provided him with a broad understanding of the markets and economy, the ability to analyze enormous data and business decision making. 

"I was honored to receive the Berkeley Club of Hong Kong undergraduate scholarship and I am grateful for the opportunities it will provide me. Because of this scholarship, the financial burden placed on me to pursue my education will be reduced. Thank you so much! Go Bears!"

Jian "Jessica" Gao ‘19
Major: Business Administration

Jessica is currently a fourth year student majoring in Statistics and Business Administration. At school, she has diverse academic interests, and is currently teaching a statistics course and doing research in machine learning. After graduation, she is planning to work at an investment bank. Outside of school and work, she co-founded a WeChat platform called Resonate that issues bi-weekly publications, shares women's voices, and motivates young females. 

"Your donation mean the world to me. The scholarship is helping me and my family through the most difficult time. I will continue to work hard, and hope to donate back to the scholarship in the future."

Yutong Liu ‘17
Major: Bioengineering

Yutong is in her fourth year studying Bioengineering. She is inspired to combine engineering with basic science, to further understand disease mechanisms and eventually design therapeutics that would benefit the public. She has been conducting research for the past two years, both on campus and through summer programs in Europe and the U.S. She aspires to pursue a Ph.D. after graduation and delve into the realms of research.

"I would like to thank the Berkeley Club of Hong Kong and the donors for their generous support, and I am extremely honored to be one of the recipients this year. The award made it possible for me to complete my degree at Cal and pursue my academic dreams."

Mian Zhong ‘19 
Major: Applied Mathematics 

Mian is currently a third-year student in Applied Mathematics. She is very passionate about "making data talk" and is interested in machine learning. She has been active in different interdisciplinary researches with strong computational intentions. Currently, she is working on a deep learning project affiliated with UCSF Radiology Center. Outside of academics, she loves to travel and volunteer. This summer, she earned DAAD scholarship to assist logistics research in Germany and traveled alone in Spain, the Netherlands, and Germany. She loves to hear different opinions and keep an open mind. In the past two years, she tutored Math and Statistics at the Student Learning Center, translated for low income people at Tax-Aid, and led a Berkeley Project Group at the South Berkeley Senior Center. 

"My family and I are extremely appreciative to the Berkeley Club of Hong Kong for giving me this award! Your kindness also motivates me to put more efforts in giving back to the community."