2018-19 Scholarship Recipients

Jia Hu ‘19
Major: Economics

Belinda is currently a senior pursuing an undergraduate degree in Economics. She is also a Peer Academic Adviser at the College of Letters and Science, and hopes this position can enable her to help more students who are new to Cal!
She was born and raised in China, and started her academic journey in America as a sophomore in high school. She is very thankful for coming to UC Berkeley — a community of people who have the abilities to change the world in amazing ways. She is inspired by Cal students, professors, and alumni on a daily basis and feel responsible for being a global citizen and leader who will contribute to community service projects in passionate and innovative ways. Upon graduation, she plans is to work full-time for some years before going into a business school program.

To the Berkeley Club of Hong Kong: "I want to genuinely thank you for making a huge difference in my educational pursuit. You have helped me see the kind of role model I would like to become in the future. I hope I can work hard and support other Cal students in the future just like you have supported me."

Chenxin Ke ‘21
Major: Undeclared

Mian Zhong ‘19
Major: Applied Mathematics 

Mian is currently a senior in Applied Mathematics. She is very passionate about "making data talk" and is interested in machine learning. She has been active in different interdisciplinary researches with strong computational intentions. Currently, she is working on a deep learning project affiliated with UCSF Radiology Center. Outside of academics, she loves to travel and volunteer. This summer, she earned DAAD scholarship to assist logistics research in Germany and traveled alone in Spain, the Netherlands, and Germany. She loves to hear different opinions and keep an open mind. In the past two years, she tutored Math and Statistics at the Student Learning Center, translated for low income people at Tax-Aid, and led a Berkeley Project Group at the South Berkeley Senior Center. 

"My family and I are extremely appreciative to the Berkeley Club of Hong Kong for giving me this award! Your kindness also motivates me to put more efforts in giving back to the community."