2019 Scholarship Recipients

Michelle Chang ‘21 

I want to express my gratitude to the Berkeley Club of Taiwan. As an international student, I've been unable to qualify for financial aid and most scholarships, so I'm beyond grateful for this scholarship.

Kristina Tseng ‘20

Thank you to the Berkeley Club of Taiwan for this scholarship and for giving us the opportunity to further our ambitions! 

Lisa Kao ‘21

I would like to thank the Berkeley Club of Taiwan for giving me this scholarship opportunity and I hope this scholarship program will continue to help other students to pursue their academic goals. This scholarship will really help to alleviate the financial burden on my family since both my brother and I are in college right now. This scholarship also means much more than just financial aid, it also shows the support I have from my birth country, Taiwan, and gives me the drive to continue pursuing higher education later in my life without feeling stressed from our family’s financial abilities.