The Berkeley Club of Korea (BCK) continues its tradition by unifying all Berkeley alumni, students and friends to promote and support the advancement of Cal in Korea.

The club welcomes members to stay involved in local community to build strong network to support each other while promoting Cal’s efforts throughout Korea and the world. It is a great opportunity to build friendship, legacy, learning, and network.

We have continue to develop variety of events for Berkeley family and friends, such as Annual Banquet, Big Game gathering, BCK Scholarship to current Cal students, Intercollegiate Mixers and many more.  As of 2017, we have more than 1400 alumni who are residing within Korea.  Thanks to all of you, we are continuing to see our BCK membership increase every year.

Clearly, thanks to strong effort and support by previous leadership of Berkeley Club of Korea, we now have a foundation to enjoy together the unique Berkeley spirit and strengthen the solidarity of the Berkeley family in Korea.  More importantly, we are now in a position to strongly support the advancement of the university and its activities.  Hence, we continue to encourage all of you to participate, volunteer and contribute!

Go Bears!

Steve Sang Yong Park ‘90
Berkeley Club of Korea

                                                    2017 Annual Banquet with Berkeley-Haas Dean Lyons